Airbase Bad Vöslau - Vienna

Hubschrauberrundflug Wien
Bad Vöslau - Vienna
Flugfeldstrasse - Flugplatz Vöslau-Kottingbrunn
2540 Bad Vöslau

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Fun, adventure or modern tool? Join us for your individual sightseeing flight and discover your passion of flying. The route will be discussed directly with the pilot. This is dependent on the wishes of the passengers, the weather and of course the flight safety. Flight if possible to the local attractions over Vienna.

Call for free ☎ 0800 0700 13 Int. +43 6226 200 63 because personal advice is important. 

20 min. South of Vienna
Hubschrauberrundflug Region Wien
from 189.00 *

30 min. Vienna - Neustadt
Helikopter Cockpit
from 725.00 *

40 min. Vienna - along the Donau
Hubschrauberrundflug  Wien

Top Offer

from 339.00 *

60 min. great alpine tour
Hubschrauberflug Alpen
from 1400.00 *

Helicopter trial flight
Helikopter selber fliegen

Top Offer

from 449.00 *

marriage proposal / wedding flight
Hubschrauber Heiratsantrag Wien
from 740.00 *

value voucher
from 100.00 *

When do you make a helicopter flight from Wien?

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The Alps from the top to experience live with us.

Hubschrauberflug Wien
Sceenic flight Wien

Map for your flight over Vienna