Airbase Coburg Brandensteinsebene

Flugplatz Coburg
Coburg Brandensteinsebene
Zur Brandensteinsebene
96450 Coburg

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Helicopter types: Robinson R44, Ecureuil AS350

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Meet yourself and your loved ones the dream of a helicopter flight from Coburg Brandensteinsebene.
A longer flight time or more passengers may at any time be booked.

Call for free ☎ 0800 0700 130 Int. +49 (0)9181 522 99 60 because personal advice is important.

20 min. Rundflug Coburg
Rundflug Coburg
from 169.00 *

30 Min. Helicoptertour Coburg
Hubschrauberrundflug Coburg

Top Offer

from 229.00 *

Helicopter flying itself
Hubschrauber selber fliegen Coburg

Top Offer

from 399.00 *

30 Min. Private Charter
Rundflug Coburg
from 2400.00 *