Airbase Mainz-Finthen

Flugplatz Mainz-Finthen
55126 Mainz

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Helicopter types: Robinson R44

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See the local sights from above. Enjoy a helicopter flight from Mainz-Finthen Airport. The route will be discussed directly with the pilot and depends on the wishes of the passengers, the weather and of course the flight safety. Flight if possible to the local attractions.

Call for free ☎ 0800 0700 130 Int. +49 69 5770 8947 because personal advice is important.


30 min. Helicopter flight Mainz
Hubschrauberflug Mainz

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from 259.00 *

20 min. flight Mainz
Rundflug Mainz
from 399.00 *

Helicopter flying itself
Hubschrauber selber fliegen Mainz Finthen

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from 399.00 *

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from 100.00 *

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